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Reseller Module

RN Groups provide VoIP termination reseller, you will be able to offer your customers a comprehensive, top of the line voice call solution while establishing a residual income and customer appreciation. We'll be happy to supply the best wholesale VoIP turnkey services and support while you will secure a lucrative growing business. Get your client base talking today by joining Ipro Networks as a VoIP termination resller partner and enjoy our amazing wholesale A-Z termination!

Multiplan Support

With the Multi-Dial plan feature, you can have multiple dial plans that are each assigned to a particular service you offer. For example, you could offer two different tiers of VoIP service - a "Premium" quality service and a "Regular" quality service.

Reseller's WEB-based interface

  • Create tariffs and products.
  • Create customers and his sip-accounts.
  • Apply tariffs, products and payments.
  • The financial control is managed automatically by the system.
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